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Crehan, Kusano, & Associates (CKA)

Organisation Belgium, Europe

CKA is a Brussels based management consulting company focused on strategy, innovation and organizational transformation. It offers a range of services to support its clients at all stages of the innovation strategy-implementation cycle. CKA helps organisations ‘discover the future’ using a structured Foresight approach. This provides a clear vision of the future as well as a sense of purpose that enables decision making at all levels within the organization. It helps the organization understand:The forces driving change to its own competitive positioning • The trends and trend-breaks that will change the operating context • The challenges and opportunities it may need to address • The businesses it wants to be in, in ten years time • The innovations and changes required to reach these goals The INNFORMED Project introduced the use of advanced foresight techniques to research and innovation policy makers and foresight practitioners in four Mediterranean countries – Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia. The overall goals and objectives of this project were to: • Reinforce a systemic approach to Research and Innovation policies • Introduce the use of relevant Foresight tools and techniques • Implement two pilots in each partner country a technical Foresight and a structural Foresight • Support the networking of experts with experience in the application of these tools

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