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Trishia Nashtaran

Individual Bangladesh, Asia

Trishia is a feminist organizer and a foresight strategist from Bangladesh. In 2011, she founded Meye Network, a feminist grassroots organizing platform, as a response to gender discrimination in the workplace, while she was working as an engineer in Dhaka. The platform evolved organically through the solidarity, leadership, and entrepreneurship of Bangla-speaking women, and expanded its horizon to other forms of marginalization intersecting with gender. Trishia holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Foresight and Innovation from OCAD University. Her final research project for the Master’s investigated how women-centric digital spaces could act as third spaces and impact the future of gender equity with women in a patriarchal society. The research findings led to the origination of OGNIE, a service-focused project to provide life-centric solutions to gender-specific problems. Third Space Feminism (TSF) is her story that encompasses the inception of her activism ten years ago, and the future she envisions to attain through her lived and learned experiences as an activist and designer.

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