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Kewulay Kamara

Individual Sierra Leone, West and Central Africa

Kewulay Kamara is a poet/storyteller, multi-media artist and lecturer. His work has been featured in The New York Times and other major media outlets. Kewulay has performed at several prestigious centres including the Cathedral of St John the Divine, the Museum of Natural History and Oxford University, and participated in the People’s Poetry Gatherings, and the Geraldine R. Dodge Poetry and Langston Hughes Festivals. He directed the epic poetry documentary, In Search of Finah Misa Kule, and the companion book, Word in the Belly of the Word. He has published scholarly articles in the Journal of Future Studies and gave a Ted TEDxUNC Talk on the uses of storytelling and foresight. Kewulay conducts Future Literacy workshops, participates in international foresight con-ferences and uses foresight tools in live performance. He is the founder/executive director of Badenya, Inc., an arts-presenting organization in New York, and Dankawalie Secondary School in Sierra Leone.

Operating in:
Sierra Leone


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